About AAHC Qld Inc.

Our Philosophy

"Giving History a Future"
Keep them flying Poster - courtesy AWM ARTV01114 - Find out about AAHC Qld Inc

The Australian Aviation Heritage Centre (QLD) Inc. is a Not for Profit organisation operating since 2014. Formerly operating as the Beaufort Restoration Group for over 30 years, it was renamed and re registered to reflect the growing collection of aircraft and the expanding nature of the organization to a wider Museum style organisation.

AAHC Qld is focused on the restoration, preservation and display of historic aircraft and Aviation items related to Australian Aviation. The center piece of the collection is the restoration of Australian built DAP/Bristol Beaufort Bomber A9-141 to airworthy status. The Aviation Museum hangar, located at Caboolture Qld also houses the collections of other aircraft.

With the dedication of our volunteers & the financial support of our Sponsors, AAHC Qld Inc. is giving Australian Aviation History a Future.

Our Mission

Nine Objectives define our Mission

We're Committed to these Objectives

  • To preserve the history of both military and commercial aircraft for this and future generations.
  • To restore Bristol Beaufort A9-141 to airworthy condition and have it fly for the first time since World War II.
  • To create a flying memorial to those who served as aircrew and ground crew in the RAAF during World War II.
  • To preserve for future generations, a significant example of Australian achievement in aircraft manufacturing and engineering.
  • To remind Australians of the critical role of women in areas such as manufacturing munitions required for the defence of Australia.
  • To establish the aircraft as a focus for Australians to express their pride in past achievements.
  • To highlight the foresight of those industrialists and political leaders of the pre World War II era in recognising the need to build aircraft in Australia when war seemed imminent.
  • To demonstrate the gratitude of those who have benefited from the efforts and sacrifice of those Australians who participated in World War II.
  • To attend air shows throughout Australia thereby allowing an increased number of Australians to take pride in an historically important aircraft and in those who flew, serviced and built Beauforts.
Each Donation of $100 is equal to 5 hrs of Quality Restoration Work!