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de Havilland Caribou A4-228

de Havilland Caribou A4-228

The de Havilland Caribou A4-228 was acquired by AAHC Qld via a tender process from the Commonwealth Government in 2016 and was dismantled by AAHCQ volunteers and transported from Oakey to Caboolture Qld in July 2016.

Caribou A4-228 is a very historic aircraft in its own right, being delivered to the RAAF in June 1965. The “Bou” served in PNG 38 Sqn Det "A" 1973 and was involved in various incidents and flew trials on 02/07/73 to determine single engine absolute ceiling performance for the type in the PNG area.

A4-228 was often utilized as an airshow demonstration aircraft on its return to Australia. The Caribou has been largely restored and is currently on static display in a secure area. AAHC Qld is currently sourcing a small number of parts to complete her restoration.

  • Co-ordinator: Brendan Smith
  • Commenced: 2016
  • Skills Required: Engineering, Mechanical
  • Owner: In Trust with AAHC Qld Inc.
de Havilland Caribou A4-228 recovered and restored by AAHC Qld Inc. Caboolture

AAHC Qld - Recovering Caribou A4-228

Caribou A4-228 at Oakey Qld ready for recovery by AAHC Qld Tyres are put in place by AAHC Qld volunteers to move Caribou A4-228 to Caboolture Caribou engine is loaded by volunteers Caribou A4-228 is lifted by crane on to trailer for relocation to AAHC Qld at Caboolture Caribou A4-228 on truck for monster move from Oakey to AAHC Qld hangar at Caboolture Caribou A4-228 sits on trailer during overnight move to AAHC Qld hangar at Caboolture Caribou A4-228 at AAHC Qld hanager ready for reassembly Caribou A4-228 in fornt of AAHC Qld hangar Caribou A4-228 instrument and cockpit
Each Donation of $100 is equal to 5 hrs of Quality Restoration Work!