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Piper PA-31P Navajo VH-SGA

Piper Navajo VH-SGA

The Piper Navajo was purchased new in 1973 for $147,000 as the Queensland Premier had been using his own private aircraft. A solution for this was passed by the Qld Cabinet in 1971 which led to VH-SGA being purchased in the USA.

From 1982 the Navajo was used as a private transport aircraft and later as an aerial survey aircraft fitted with aerial cameras, throughout Australia including Tasmania. The aircraft is a pressurized version of the PA-31 Navajo, powered by two 425-hp (317-kW) Lycoming TIGO-541-E1A piston engines

The Piper Navajo was retired from service due to high hours and presented to AAHC Qld. Piper Navajo VH-SGA will be restored by AAHC Qld to represent its time with the Queensland Government from 1973 to 1982 and is on static display at Caboolture Qld.

  • Co-ordinator: Rod Theisfield
  • Commenced: 2016
  • Skills Required: Engineering, Mechanical
  • Owner: In Trust with AAHC Qld Inc.
Piper PA-31P Navajo VH-SGA at AAHC Qld Inc at Caboolture

Piper Navajo VH-SGA - Acquired by AAHC Qld

Piper Navajo VH-SGA located at AAHC Qld Piper Navajo VH-SGA Cockpit Piper Navajo VH-SGA at AAHC Qld forward view Piper Navajo VH-SGA at AAHC Qld rear view Piper Navajo VH-SGA at AAHC Qld side view Piper Navajo VH-SGA nose
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